I design and deliver transformative learning experiences, with a particular focus on developing self-awareness, resilience and empathy. My work as a facilitator and learning designer is anchored in experimental engagement and research, conducted across the globe – from France, Australia and China to Stockholm, Singapore, Phnom Penh and Manila – and currently centres on four impact programs.

Switch On is a training program to recalibrate trust in culturally diverse teams collaborating at a distance, designed in partnership with experts on culture and technology.

Marco Polo Translation Club is a global movement exploring collaborative translation as a way to build community and trigger deep mutual understanding, with a weekly session in Melbourne and Tokyo, as well as pop up events occurring over Europe, Asia and North America, and at high schools in Australia, China and Singapore.

Out of the Box is a personal goal-setting and community building program for international students and new migrants. Through workshops and self-guided adventures, participants acquire the tools and mindsets to reframe the urban environment as a space of learning and personal transformation.

Design for Diversity is a program for senior high school students that harnesses design thinking to reframe diversity as a source of innovation and integrate international students to the school community.





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