After early years worshipping paper, meeting Philip Thiel resolutely converted me to the thrills of online writing. This post, published on the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival blog, retraces my journey as a digital writer.

I started with an austere blog of reflexions and maxims: Voyages aux Antipodes et considérations sur la Révolution Française (in French). Then in 2009, I published a project blog recounting my overland migration trip from Paris to Singapore: Les Portes de l’Orient (in French). The blog has no photograph – I wanted to focus on language alone – and is organised by country, following each of the 14 we crossed as a theme over 6 months, before and during the trip.

During a two months stay in China, I published an experimental travel blog called ‘The Fake China‘, exploring the dialogue of text and photographs. Then in the first six months of 2012, I wrote a blog about Australian urban life – Australian Aesthetics. I also published a few extracts in a Chinese version, experimenting with multilingual online audiences.

In more recent years, I trialled more experimental approaches, working particularly with time and length constraints. In 2015, I wrote a series of ‘Chinese stories‘ online, inspired by my experiences during a Hamer Scholarship. In mid-2015, I started (and soon aborted) a project exploring my relationship to my belongings under the title ‘An exhaustive description of the things in my house‘. In early 2016, I wrote a daily reflection – this continued for about 70 days, until I started work with the Global Challenges Foundation.

In 2017, I started a new project: to better connect with my own tradition, I engaged with the four cardinal virtues through daily practice and meditation – producing a weekly blog post.

After these discrete blog projects, I guess I’m ready to just blog for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts – here and on the Marco Polo Project blog – at least until another project comes along.

Below is a short list of my works published elsewhere, on paper and in digital form.


Mehmet et Philippe ou les Surprises de l’amour, novel, published by Editions gaies et lesbiennes, Paris, 2008.

‘Mehmet et Philippe’ and ‘Zouzous’, two short stories published in Regardez-moi dans les yeux by Editions gaies et lesbiennes, Paris, 2006.


Writing on the Walls, an article about collective writing and the role of the writer as an expert in community building, published in The Emerging Writer 2012.

Le gouvernment 2.0 an Australie, an article on Web 2.0 in Australia based on my work at Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, for the French blog Regards Citoyens. Republished on the French blog owni.com (in French).

Financer la culture, financer les artistes’, a presentation on cultural policy for Pollens, political association of Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (in French).

‘Un homme et une femme, ce n’est pas la même chose’, critical analysis of a tautology, in Chantiers Politiques n.3 (in French).

‘L’éducation des genres – un interview avec Marcel Rufo’, an interview on gender education in Chantiers Politiques n.3 (in French).

Preface to the poetic novel Demain j’y vais, by Cristie Cyane, published by Les Octaviennes, Paris, 2005 (in French).

A presentation same-sex parenting for Pollens, political association of Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (in French).

Christian calligraphy ni Las Terrenas, the Mercado Modello in Santo Domingo, and the Santo Domingo Chinatown for 2vouzamoi.com, a tourism website for French residents of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic (in French).


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