Digital design

I grew up among computers, and learnt English playing video games. This early passion was interrupted during my years as an arts student, but came back with a vengeance in my late twenties, and resulted in a growing interest for the possibilities of web-design and online publishing.

I am currently the CEO of The Marco Polo Project, a digital community reading and translating new writing from China. In 2014, I will organise the Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature, an innovative festival exploring how the shift from print to digital affected the way we read and write in Australia and China.

Previous to developing the Marco Polo Project, I have put together a number of blogs and websites. In 2007, I created the website for a French academic conference on sacred texts: Textes sacrés, arts et sciences. In April 2011, I developed a promotional website for the Vic-Asia-Unit project – an initiative to coordinate all Asia-related initiatives within the Victorian government, whicht won the Victorian Public Service Innovation Challenge 2011. And in 2012, I developed a website for the International Festival of Literature, Ideas and Translation, part of the Words in Winter Festival.

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