Afterthought on crowd-sourcing

In the previous post, I talked about how the bet behind the Marco Polo Project is that there is a demand for reading original Chinese voices in translation, rather than news about China.

I realise, after some reflection, that the model for Marco Polo rests on a paradox. That I trust the online crowd to bring across these individual voices, rather than water down the selection and translation, so that everything and everyone will sound the same.

Am I taking an absurd leap of faith?

What people like – how to get clicks on your blog

Isn’t it funny, what people will look for? I have a post in The Fake China about baby fashion, where I describe the scene of a little girl peeing on the street. Thanks to the wordpress stat machine, I see that my blog is now appearing in many searches – of people looking for ‘little girl peeing’.

Will I turn paedophiles into sinophiles? Or get my blog shut off? We’ll see…