Out of the Box – Adventure Week 3

Over the coming 7 days, go to at least 7 events.

Rules of the game:

  • It’s OK to leave after 2 minutes
  • It’s OK to stand in the corner and do nothing
  • It’s OK to not talk to anybody
  • It’s OK if you don’t like it
  • It’s OK to go to just  one type of event

There is a list of suggestions below – it is not a complete list – you can go to more events

Cultural events

  • Law Week, Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm, Federation Square – most events free. Learn about the Australian legal system, and how the law works.
  • Playspace, Abbostford Convent, Tuesday-Thursday, 2-4pm – free. Make your own music and visit the beautiful Abbotsford Convent!
  • Laneway Learning – various events, community learning. Learn how to cook, dance, take photographs, etc. Prices vary.
  • There’s always an ‘art opening’ on – when new exhibitions open, there is a little reception. You can go and visit then! For more info, you can look at this website!
  • Melbourne has a large number of ‘music gigs’ (small concert) in bars and pubs every night. Typically, entrance is free, you are just expected to buy one drink. For more details, you can look on this website!

Food events

Markets & shopping

Sporting events 

Language exchange events

Social events 

  • There is a very large number of events happening all the time. They typically advertise on the website ‘Meetup’. Most events are free, or cost less than 5$. Some are very good, some are not – but it’s a good way to meet new people and learn new things. check out Melbourne Meetup events here. 

Natural/animal watching events

  • Penguin viewingevery evening after sunset, St Kilda Jetty – free. Melbourne has a colony of little penguins coming to the jetty every night
  • Bat colony, every day, Yarra Bend Park – free. Melbourne has a colony of 10,000+ flying foxes (bats) – you can go watch them for free at Yarra bend.
  • Dog watchingevery evening around 6-8pm, Citizens’ park, Richmond – free. Do you like dogs? The local residents go and walk their dogs at this park every evening – you can can sit and watch!

Public talks (a good way to listen to some English)

Religious events

  • Choral evensongTuesday to Friday, 5h10pm, St Paul’s Cathedral – free. A tradition of the Anglican / Christian church: English religious music and a simple religious service in the late afternoon
  • Buddha’s day, Saturday-Sunday, Federation Square – free. A multicultural Festival celebrating the Buddhist tradition.