Editing / Curation

I believe in the power of well-curated writing and images to create transformational experiences for readers and audiences, leading to fresh understandings, increased empathy, and new forms of collective belonging. I relish the tension intrinsic in the work of an editor – the close reading and listening needed to clarify the structural lines of a piece or story, and the creative capacity to form a fertile and consistent whole from a range of distinct elements.

Magazine editorial

Since 2016, I work as Editor-in-Chief with the Global Challenges Foundation. In this role, I edit the Global Challenges Foundation Annual Risks Report, offering global decision-makers the latest scientific insights on global catastrophic risks. I also curate the Quarterly Report series a publication proposing critical thinking tools and crafting new narratives for global thinkers and leaders engaged in the creation of new global governance models.

In 2011, I launched Marco Polo Project, a digital initiative bringing new voices from Asia to western audiences. As founding Editor-in-Chief, I curated a diverse selection of cultural reflections from China and the sinosphere and facilitated a collaborative translation process, before transitioning to the role of editor-at-large in 2015.

In 2013-2014, I was invited to run the 1501 digest, a column on Beijing-based Danwei magazine offering a weekly insight into conversations on the Chinese blogosphere, and anchored in the work of Marco Polo Project.

Festivals, forums and exhibitions

In 2017, I co-curated the third edition of Independent Convergence, a one-day forum at MPavillion bringing together independent artistic practitioners in Melbourne.

In 2015, as part of the founding team for the China Australia Millennial Project – Australia’s largest bilateral innovation incubator – I curated the recruitment and selection of 130 leading young leaders from both countries to take part in a 3 months + 6 day peer-learning program, and coordinated operations for the 6 day Sydney summit.

In 2014, I co-directed the Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature, a world-first experiment to understand how digital media transformed the way we write, read and translate in Australia and China, in partnership with Latrobe University, Melbourne Writers Festival, Yeeyan and the Beijing Bookworm.

In 2011, I curated Love Journeys: stories of same-sex migration to Australia, a mixed-media exhibition interrogating the migration stories of five culturally diverse couples through text and photographs, a feature event of Melbourne Midsuma Festival and Adelaide Feast Festival, in partnership with Australia GLBTIQ Multicultural Council and Alliance Francaise de Melbourne.



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