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  1. I’m from a primary school and this year we’re learning Mandarin. You are coming to our school next term and I was asked to do a quick project on you before you come and I was hoping you could tell me up to 10 facts about yourself.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Rian Webster.

    • Hi Rian,

      Thanks for the comment! Here’s ten facts about me:
      * I was born in Strasbourg, on the French-German border
      * I speak seven languages
      * I lived and worked in six different countries
      * I have two goldfish named Kate and Sashimi
      * My favourite colour is yellow
      * I became an Australian citizen in 2013
      * My favourite Chinese restaurant in Melbourne is called ‘Xiao Beifang’ and is in Footscray
      * I went to China six times
      * I spent five months living and studying in Nanjing
      * I live on Swanston st, in the heart of the Melbourne CBD

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