I offer personal and professional coaching, as well as more specific language coaching services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an initial consultation at

Personal and professional coaching

Are you struggling with a recurring issue, and looking for support to better articulate it? Are you looking to develop new personal rituals to increase your day-to-day productivity, gain greater personal or professional clarity, figure out what issues you’re currently facing, or looking at ways to better harness the possibilities of a diverse team? I might help you with coaching services.

My coaching experience is supported by a strong background in the humanities, leadership training with Asialink, Design for Social Impact Leadership, and the THNK School of Creative Leadership. It is nurtured by fifteen years teaching adults in a range of settings, personal experience of migration, living across cultures, and bringing entirely new-to-world initiatives to life – as a team leader, key team member, or independently.

Language coaching

Have you promised yourself that ‘one day you’d learn a language’, but never took the first step? Paid for classes at some Institute, but given up after one term? Bought a ‘teach-yourself-Spanish’ book, but never got past lesson four? Or did you just google ‘learn Arabic language’, bookmarked a few pages, and never visited again?

I have taught French and English for fifteen years, I taught myself Latin, Spanish and Mandarin, and I developed a language learning community. I can help you learn better, and work on a personalised study plan with you – set achievable goals, identify resources, and suggest exercises most suited to your learning needs and lifestyle.

My specialties are teaching absolute beginners, phonetic improvements, and emotional aspects of language learning. I can help you set your goals for any language, provide specific guidance on Mandarin Chinese, or develop a full curriculum in French and English at all levels.

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