Telling truth to power

It order to tell truth to power, we must understand where power lies, so we know what language to use. So far so good, but sharing the same grammar and vocabulary so we can tell truth to power, is it not a first step towards collusion? And so, rather than telling truth to power, should we not simply defiantly pretend it doesn’t exist, until it disappears on its own?

One thought on “Telling truth to power

  1. If the grammar and syntax of power, codified in language, presupposes a deterministic or predesigned end then yes, it amounts to a type of collusion. It means the game is rigged from the outset and all dialogue merely masquerades over deeper mechanisms.

    It means political discourse is like the figurines that appear on a Swiss clock on the strike of the hour. Amusing little robots telling a story that belie and hide a much greater purpose behind its pageantry.

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