Hi, I’m Julien


Strasbourg-born, Paris-educated, Mediterranean-blooded, I am now based in Melbourne, Australia.  As a writer and educator, my main passion is to discern and articulate the various manifestations of cultural and linguistic diversity – listen, and look for common ground.

I currently share my time between three main activities.

I work as editor-in-chief with the Global Challenges Foundation, a Swedish philanthropic Foundation stimulating reflection on new models of global governance that could help us better address global catastrophic risk.

I design and deliver programs with schools, universities and community groups to help people living across languages and cultures develop self-awareness, resilience and empathy through Marco Polo Project, a cross-cultural education design agency that I founded in 2011.

I am enrolled in a PhD with Monash University, exploring the emerging digital ecosystem of Chinese language learning.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with a broad range of organisations on cutting-edge cross-cultural initiatives. I am always open to new projects and opportunities, and would love to discuss them with you.

Let’s do something together! You can reach me at Julien.leyre at gmail.com.


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